Welcome to my web page!

  I was born on February 16, 1968 in the town of Esztergom.I've been attending the Protestant High School in Debrecen starting from 1982. This is where I have met my husband, the father of my five children. My first experiences with photography are also connected to him. After graduating from high school he was taking pictures in Zala, down in Lenti... I learned from him the basics of photography, from exposition to lab work. Privates with crew cuts, armored vehicles, field drills... I was happy to be with him and watch him work.

After high school I pursued further education in my home town at the graphics and visual education department of the College for Teacher Training in Esztergom . My excellent professors János Prunkl and Endre Kaposi have deepened my affection towards fine arts. I never had the courage or patience to draw, but the visual experience always had a great impact on me. With the help of the camera and with due attention I try to elicit similar emotions in others. The space around us can be deconstructed into a multitude of two-dimensional pictures. When I take pictures I select from these. I would like to show the ones that I like the most.

After college I was practically continuously on maternity leave. In the meantime I graduated as a Computer Science Teacher from ELTE TKFK.In 2001 I went to Szellemkép Szabadiskola, an institute for teaching creative photography. The faculty comprised of the best contemporary photographers in Hungary: Miklós Gulyás, Barna Illés, Imre Drégely, Balázs Telek, Magdolna Vékás, the historian of photography Sándor Szilágyi, and last but not least the still and cinema photographer Lehel Fuchs, the arts director of the institute.